The Move Mentors

The Move Mentors

The Move Mentors

Make Moves in Your Fitness Career

The Move Mentors, founded by renowned fitness experts Jessica Maurer and Mindy Mylrea, is a trailblazing company dedicated to empowering fitness professionals. By offering comprehensive programming, business creation, and marketing education, The Move Mentors aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the dynamic fitness industry. Focusing on innovative strategies and practical applications, this company is a beacon for those looking to elevate their careers and make a lasting impact.


With its dynamic blend of variable-intensity interval training and a scientifically proven protocol, this program is engineered to ignite change your clients - mind, body and spirit.

Fluid Strength

Experience integrated and challenging patterns of flowing perfection. Each pattern offers levels for every participant while the combinations grow from a solid foundation to endless possibilities.

Gliding Discs

Learn how to multiple the possibilities of movement with Gliding Dics from the creator herself, Mindy Mylrea. This certification will help you unlock the true potential of these portable and unique pieces of fitness equipment. Coming Soon.


Seated. Assisted. Standing. This program is for all active agers - no matter where they are on their wellness journey. We will show you how to create a circuit training class for all of your clients in a safe and fun environment. Coming Soon.

Not sure where to start?

Enroll in our Starter Kit to unlock
1. a 30-Minute MyFIIT workout
2. Chia Pudding recipe video,
3. a 2- minute guided meditation, and
4. 3 ways to make social media easier.

Additional Offerings

Purchase Equipment

We have your solution for Bender Balls, Hardwood & Carpet Gliding Discs, and Resistance Bands. Purchase single sets or packs of 12 or 25 through us for a discounted rate.

The Fitness of Your Business

Our expertly designed resources, webinars, and courses provide you with cutting-edge strategies and practical tools to enhance your business strategy and marketing skills.

MyFIIT Membership

Our membership includes hundreds of workouts from Mindy Mylrea, daily 6-minute morning workouts, recipes, meditations, and more. This membership is for you and your clients.